Astrological Chart Interpretation PDF

In this report I will go through your general planetary placements for the moment of your birth.

The benefits of knowing you astrological placements is invaluable,It's like having a cheat sheet for your life. Imagine knowing what you're destined for, or what strengths you have inherently. Knowing what direction in life is the easiest for you.  Simply understanding why you do certain things can often bring so much clarity.

You must know your exact birth time and place in order for your chart to be accurate, even 5 minutes can make a difference.

What your personalized PDF will contain:

  • All planetary placements
  • All Aspects
  • Major significatons
  • List of strengths
  • Life path number (numerology)
  • Current year themes as governed by yearly Profections

Note: I use the Whole sign house system as it is the ancient way of interpreting the chart.

I will contact you Via the email you provide during purchase

Turn around time 3-7 days.

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