About HKD

Hidden Key Design is a Solo project by Korik Jones.

Korik, the mystical and passionate tarot reader, has been immersed in the sacred arts for over 17 magical years. Driven by a burning desire to understand the mysteries of the universe, Korik has delved deep into the realms of science, quantum physics, and spirituality. With a profound understanding of astrology, ancient symbolism, shamanistic practices, and qabalistic mysticism, Korik has transcended the boundaries of traditional tarot reading, offering a unique and enlightening perspective on this ancient art.

Through Korik's wisdom, the tarot is elevated to a whole new level of mystical knowledge. His insights are beyond the ordinary, delving into the deep and hidden meanings of the cards. Drawing on his vast knowledge, he provides guidance that reaches far beyond the physical world, unlocking the secrets of the universe and empowering those who seek his guidance.

With Korik as your guide, you'll discover the true power of the tarot, and gain insights that will help you navigate life's journey with confidence and clarity. Open your mind to the magical possibilities of the universe, and let Korik show you the way to enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment.

If you have any questions about services or want to schedule a consultation please use the form below to contact me directly.

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