Personal 30 Day Astrological Transit Report

In this Report I will explain your planetary transits for the next month!

The benefits of looking at your transits is the ability to prepare for possible events that are headed your way. Often times in life we are blind sided by hard events that throw us for a loop. Knowing ahead of time what is coming up allows you to be prepared and most often because we are aware of it the negative effect is greatly reduced! Alternatively being able to see potential windows for growth or change of focus can be amazingly beneficial!

Potential Questions:

  • Love - is it heading your way? How is my current relationship?
  • Career - is it time to ask for a promotion or get a new job?
  • Money - is more money coming in?
  • Family - is it a good time to grow my family?
  • Life path - where am I being directed right now?
  • Emotional energies - Why am I feeling so anxious?
  • Travel - is it a good time to travel? Where would be a good place to go

Methods of consulting:

  • Zoom, Discord, Instagram, Facetime
  • Recorded Video

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