Distance Reiki - 3 Sessions

This is a bundle of sessions of distance Reiki. I suggest 3 sessions to fully clear your energy system of impurities and align your chakras in the best possible arrangement for you at this time.

Hi, my name is Korik and I am a Usui White Light Reiki Practitioner. I have been practicing since 2020 and have had very positive interactions with clients, friends and relatives.

Distance Reiki is the art of working the energy body to restore a feeling of mental, emotional and often physical balance to the client.

As a client receiving Reiki I ask you find a comfortable place you can lay down or sit comfortably.

  • For this initial session we will talk briefly on the phone, skype, discord or zoom to speak about what your goals are and what areas you find troublesome.
  • I will work in my home studio using a variety of motions, symbols, crystals and intent to diagnose any energy abnormalities that I sense.
  • I will correct any energetic issues I come across and communicate anything that I sense.


If you have any questions or wish to know more about scheduling, please email Korik@hiddenkeydesign.com

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