Distance Reiki - 3 Sessions

This is for a pack of sessions for distance Reiki.

Hi, my name is Korik and I am a Usui White Light Reiki Practitioner. I have been practicing for the last year and have had very positive interactions with clients, friends and relatives.

Distance Reiki is the art of working the energy body to restore a feeling of mental, emotional and often physical balance to the client.

As a client receiving Reiki I ask you find a comfortable place you can lay down or sit comfortably.
  • For these sessions we will talk briefly on the phone, skype, discord or zoom to speak about what your goals are and what areas you find troublesome. OR we may dive straight into the energy work.
  • I will work in my home studio using a variety of motions, symbols, crystals and intent to diagnose any energy abnormalities that I sense.
  • I will correct any energetic issues I come across and communicate anything that I sense.
If you have any questions or wish to know more about scheduling, please email Korik@hiddenkeydesign.com

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