Relocational Astrology Consultation

Dive into the fascinating world of relocational astrology with my personalized astrological service. This comprehensive analysis explores the unique planetary alignments at the place of your birth, offering you a deeply insightful guide to navigating your life's journey. From there we will dive into potential locations that can bring you abundance or any specific experience you are looking for.

Understanding the positions and relationships of the planets when and where you were born is akin to unlocking a treasure trove of self-awareness. It provides clarity on your innate strengths, potential life paths, and the natural flow of your life's direction.

Accuracy is paramount; thus, it's crucial to provide your exact time and place of birth. Even a discrepancy of five minutes can alter the insights derived from your chart.

Our service covers a wide array of astrological aspects, including:

  • In depth analysis of your current position as well as past locations of significance
  • Locating benefic places to visit or relocate to in order to receive the greatest effect
  • Avoid negative spaces where you will be spending more time and resources just because of the city or town.


Our methodology is rooted in the Whole Sign House system, a respected and ancient astrological practice that offers clear and comprehensive chart interpretations.

This is a live consultation, I will email you regarding your birth data and the zoom appointment.

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