Tarot Love reading - Video

Embark on a journey of Love and Insight with a Love Tarot reading

Discover the paths of your heart with our tailored tarot sessions. Each reading is a loving exploration, offering deep insights into your romantic life.

  • Overall Love Forecast: Unveil the broader landscape of your love life. What does the future hold? What energies surround your heart? This reading offers a comprehensive glimpse into your romantic destiny.
  • Current Relationship Dynamics: Delve into the depths of your existing relationship. Understand the bonds, challenges, and joys that define your partnership. It's a heartfelt guide to nurturing your connection.
  • Prospects with Your Crush: Curious about a new romantic interest? This reading sheds light on the potential of this budding connection. Discover the possibilities that may unfold between you and your crush.

Love is an adventure. Let the cards guide your heart.

Reading will be available via a video link you will always have access to

If you want a direct conversation we can schedule a call via facetime/discord/zoom if a one on one is more your speed - standard consulting rates apply $2.50/minute

Readings will be made within 3 days of booking.

For more info or to schedule a live reading contact Korik@hiddenkeydesign.com

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