Tarot reading 15 minutes

Enhance your insight with a personalized 15-minute reading. Choose from a variety of topics or enjoy a broad overview, each tailored to provide deep understanding and meaningful guidance.

  • General Reading: Explore the significant energies in your life's past, present, and future. Tailored to your interests, this session can focus on general aspects or specific areas you wish to delve into.

  • Life Path Reading: Uncover the roadmap of your life's journey. This reading highlights upcoming challenges and opportunities, offering strategies for navigation and personal growth.

  • Love Reading: Gain clarity in your romantic connections. Understand the dynamics at play with a significant other, or explore potentials in your love life, helping you build stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

  • Career Reading: Propel your professional life forward. This reading focuses on career trajectories, identifying potential hurdles and opportunities for advancement, and providing insights for achieving your professional goals.

Join me for a transformative experience that promises enlightenment and empowerment, guiding you towards more informed decisions and a richer understanding of your life's path.

I will deliver a video recording of the card reading which will be available .

We can schedule a call via facetime/discord/zoom if a one on one is more your speed - standard consulting rates apply $2/minute

Readings will be made within 3 days of booking.

For more info or to schedule a live reading contact Korik@hiddenkeydesign.com

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